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My friend Chris Strokes invited me over cause he just bought this new video game he was telling me about. After playing for a little while somebody knocks at the door, we're both surprised I didn't tell anyone to come over and he didn't either. It's just bro night. We start playing again and out of nowhere there's 2 half naked girls wearing ski passes who enter the room. They have weapons and defintely means business. Chris lives down the street from me so I just cruised over with my shorts on but it's not gonna cut it. Those girls want something and we don't have any cash or jewelry or anything... It's not looking too good for us but eventually one asks us what we got in our pants and we may not have any cash but we got two big dicks and apparently that's gonna do the trick! Those girls are hungry! They get on there knees and start blowing us hard and good. Before we know it we're tag teaming them and have plenty of holes and tits to play with! Didn't think I'll ever say that but that was a cool break in! lol

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